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President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged his cabinet secretaries to copy what his Deputy William Ruto is doing on development tours across the country

Speaking yesterday during a meeting at the office of the President with the government’s top executive members, Kenyatta warned cabinet secretaries who have a penchant behavior of spending a lot of time with office work at the expense of meet-the-people development tours

“Kazi ya Naibu wa Rais na Mawaziri sio kukaa kwa ofisi na kusoma gazeti, kunywa chai, kupiga mdomo haifai na mambo kama hayo. Kazi ya Mawaziri na Naibu wa Rais ni kutembea kote kote na kuangalia mbona hakuna maji, stima na kuleta ripoti. Angalieni Naibu wa Rais anavyo fanya kazi na wengine wenu hapa ni kukaa tu kwa ofisi” Uhuru Kenyatta said

President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have been impressed by his Deputy’s daily visits to various regions across the nation launching and commissioning development projects like roads, water, Education and electricity.

The DP has been painting news headlines every other weekend crisscrossing the country,a move that has set tongues wagging with his erstwhile political nemesis alleging that he had engaged the political gear.

Deputy President William Ruto walks with Rift Valley leaders during the commissioning of ultra modern manufacturing machines at Rivatex. |FILE

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