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A parliamentary aspirant from Bumula constituency has found himself on the defensive following his embarrassing and self-destruction goofs during a morning talk show on one of the local radio stations.

Mwalimu Augustine Kundu Luketelo appeared to have shot himself in the foot when he ignorantly amplified his Achilles’ heel live on Sulwe FM Wednesday morning Endekhelo show.

The man, who is also the KUPPET Bungoma Branch’s Secretary unflinchingly confirmed to the listeners that he has not been living in Bumula ever since his school days thus affirming the fear that he is out of touch with the socioeconomic dynamics of the constituency.

This emerged when a caller sought to question his suitability to lead Bumula owing to the fact that his entire life has been spent out of the constituency. In his thoughtless and hurried response he said:

“I started teaching at Lwanda secondary school (Kanduyi constituency) and I was living in Bungoma town where I bought plots. From there I went to Namawanga Girls (Webuye West constituency) where I noticed that there was no good school in Bokoli ward. I bought land and built a very good school there which is doing very well. From there I went to St. Mathews in Webuye where I also bought land before going to Bituyu (Kimilili) where I also bought a plot and developed. I don’t have a house in Bokoli but I stay in Bokoli Secondary School with my wife who teaches there. But most of the time I stay in Bungoma town, I sleep in Bungoma town.”

His admission has confirmed to many residents that indeed the teacher-politician has no interests in Bumula constituency. It is said that the man does not have a house in his Nang’eni village but what is there is a house that was put up by his father. A visit at the home revealed attempts to renovate the abandoned house to serve his political interests.

However, Luketelo’s goofing did not end at the admission that he has lived entirely and invested heavily out of the constituency. The KUPPET official ignited a fight with upcoming young entrepreneurs from West Bukusu ward whom he dismissed as lacking capacity to take up small National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) contracts.

“The area MP is awarding contracts to young people of below 25 years in the constituency who do not have capacity to execute them. I am a seasoned contractor and I know what it takes. Those boys cannot take up jobs of up to 6 million shillings,” he decried.

However, when the hosts, Nyukuri Khayota and Kuuka Kisondio, pinned him down state as to whether the said projects are implemented to completion, it was another embarrassing moment for him to accept that indeed, projects started are completed thus contradicting his earlier allegations that those given NG-CDF contracts do not have ability to perform.

Before claiming that contracts are given to the youth who do not have capacity, Luketelo had alleged that the area MP awards himself the construction contracts through his own companies. However, when asked to provide the said companies with CR 12 forms showing shareholding, he once again ate humble pie and evaded the question.

It did not end there. Asked whether he had sought the services of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) or the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to probe his allegations, Luketelo’s response was another confirmation that his were funeral propagandist lies. He fumbled and said:

“Right now we do not have facts and evidence but we are building up a case. We have engaged a good lawyer and we are looking for evidence which we must use to imprison the M.P.”

The aspirant’s public embarrassment and humiliation has badly disoriented his social media handlers who are desperately trying to up a feeble damage control fight. However, given that the largest percentage of radio listeners in the constituency are not on Social Media, their efforts are inconsequential because the damage is already done.

KUPPET Secretary General and Bumula Parlimentary hopeful Augustine Kundu Luketelo on Sulwe FM’s Endekhelo political programme.|COURTESY

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