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Bumula youth recruited into the NYS Kazi kwa Vijana programme in October 2017 have every reason to smile after area legislator Mwambu Mabongah secured their weekly stipends they were owed.

The 900 cohorts and 10 huduma kitchen service providers had their services unceremoniously stopped after the 2018/2019 budgetary appropriations failed to cover innovative programmes of the nation’s largest youth parastatal.

Having been at the forefront in ensuring youth from his backyard benefit by ensuring the programme’s introduction to Bumula for the first time,youth and women who provided catering services christened huduma kitchen had their fingers directed at the MP in their quest for justice.

According to our sources at Parliament Buildings,the first time legislator,who is also lauded for being overzealously prudential in resource Management development,has been a dependable representative in following up on the plight of the youth. Records at Parliament, whose excerpts are attached here, indicate how Mabongah tirelessly asked questions in Parliament putting to task the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Public Service,Youth and Gender affairs.

A follow up was made to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Labour and Social Welfare chaired by Hon. Wario,where the impasse was broken. The CS responded to the MP’s questions credibly and certainly promising to expedite the said payments from the 19th of July this year.

The cohort team leader Ken Wafula confirmed that the promise has been kept with about 99% of the youth having received their pay and the mandatory deductions to their Huduma SACCO made and effectively wired to the SACCO accounts for onward access by youth who would wish to venture into businesses.
” Yes. We are very happy. We thank our MP for assisting us get our pay. We were bitter but now we are really elated. Out of the 900 youth,only 7 have not received their pay because their details were conflicting. We have been directed to get their correct details so that their payments are effected. We are happy that they have been coming to our Huduma SACCO offices that the MP assisted us open at Bumula and we are sorting out their issues. We have faith in our MP and will ensure we assist him. We appeal to him to assist us get back to work,” Ken said.

More than Ksh. 6.7 million have been pumped into the paying the cohorts and huduma kitchen service providers.

The 900 cohorts during an induction ceremony at the Bumula Sports Grounds.|FILE

Excerpt of submissions made by the Cabinet to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Labour and Social Welfare.|COURTESY.
Excerpts of specific dated response by the CS to the Parliamentary Select Committee.|COURTESY.

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