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Wamboka’s Thuggery Reaches Climax as he Seeks to Vandalize CDF Office,Equipment

As Bumula politics 2022 starts unfolding,aspirants seeking to unseat the sitting MP Mwambu Mabongah, are employing dirty tricks to distract him from his development agenda so as to brand him as a nonperformer.

One Jack Nelson Wanami Wamboka, who unsuccessfully vied for the seat on a Ford Kenya ticket has come out employing unorthodox tactics to get a grasp of the masses.

Wamboka,who is associated with political violence and organised crime,which landed him in jail in 2015 during the Bungoma County senatorial byelection seems to be escalating his criminal activities. Today,the aspirant,who is a member of the Kenyan Commission in the World Food Programme, mobilised a group of youth and booked space in the CDF Hall in the guise of an NGO,only identified as HLC,and incited them to vandalize property.

Insiders in the meeting claim,one Evans Juma was spearheading the war mongering, and he was targeting computers and bursary application forms for the financial year 2020/2021 so as to cripple official operations of the office and popularise his own bursary scheme,which is funded by proceeds of underhand deals at WFP.

It took the intervention of the OCS Bumula,Mr. Njeru to get the youth vacate the CDF Hall and avert the criminal activities that would have affected services and disadvantaged many vulnerable families who are expecting to benefit from the bursaries and fund their education.

The OCS has now asked politicians from the region to shun thuggery and play a clean game,warning that the surge in crime that such dirty politics would cause will be regretted by the proponents.

He has promised to investigate the incident and bring the culprits to book.
“Public offices are not dens of political meetings. I am informed that the intention of the purported meeting was not among activities of the NGO but to cause chaos and vandalism at the office. We are investigating the incident and will bring the culprits to book. My officers will deal with any criminal acts and I advise politicians to stop funding and inciting youth to organised crime,” he said.

He added,”It is a crime to seek to turn public places for political purposes. Wamboka knows this and he must answer some questions.”

Wamboka escaped arrest and is being sought by authorities.

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